Is IVF Pregnancy causing high risk?

Due to the high percentage of infertile couples, the demand for fertility treatments has also increased. Also, with assisted reproductive technology assistance and the guidance of fertility specialists, anyone can plan for a healthy baby while fighting all those hurdles that make them deprived of living a parenthood journey.  Therefore, in this article, we willContinue reading Is IVF Pregnancy causing high risk?

What is the Procedure of IVF with Donor Embryos?

The embryo is the combined form of a matured egg and sperm. It is frequently regarded as the most critical stage of IVF treatment. Successful embryo implantation only decides the achievement of pregnancy, and when it fails, it obstructs the entire IVF process. Thus, in some conditions, IVF specialists advise going for donor embryos toContinue reading What is the Procedure of IVF with Donor Embryos?

Is Infertility the Same as Having Fertility Difficulties?

Infertility is the inability to conceive a child for over a year, even with regular intercourse without contraception. The infertility issue has widened its reach worldwide and has impacted many young couples of reproductive age. It is estimated that around 10-15% of couples deal with infertility. However, not all couples with fertility issues are necessarilyContinue reading Is Infertility the Same as Having Fertility Difficulties?

7 Ways in Which IVF Process Help Infertile Couples

Many infertile couples don’t realise how IVF can change their lives, especially when they have faced numerous complications in the process of conceiving a baby. And if you are living in India, you should know that, according to research, more than 30,000 women are suffering from infertility. Therefore, it is efficacious to acknowledge the significanceContinue reading “7 Ways in Which IVF Process Help Infertile Couples”

Laparoscopy: Treatment, Procedure, Cost, and Side Effects

Infertility can make it difficult to achieve pregnancy, but before you recommend any infertility treatment, your fertility doctor will require several fertility tests to determine the underlying cause. Laparoscopy is the most common type of surgery to diagnose the cause of infertility among women. The chances of becoming pregnant are significantly improved after surgical treatment.Continue reading “Laparoscopy: Treatment, Procedure, Cost, and Side Effects”

Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Without Sperm?

Many couples face infertility complications in their lives while trying to conceive via unprotected intercourse for more than a year. However, the postulation of infertility is not as trivial as you might consider. As more aspiring couples want a healthy baby, more cases are emerging, making infertility complications more common. Thus, it is obvious toContinue reading “Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Without Sperm?”

Do Infertile Women Have Periods?

The short answer is Yes. Infertility doesn’t always mean you won’t have periods. In fact, a study reveals that you can have infertility but still have a period every month. Though ovulation dysfunctions like missed periods, irregular periods, and no periods are a sign of Female Infertility that needs medical intervention, there can be otherContinue reading “Do Infertile Women Have Periods?”

Do folic acid increase fertility and the success of IVF Treatment?

Folic acid, often known as vitamin B9, is essential for preventing preterm births and birth deformities. It is also considered the originator of resolving other health problems as well. The National Institutes of Health advises adults to consume 400 micrograms of folate daily in their diet. Consumption of Vitamin B9 keeps you healthy and increasesContinue reading “Do folic acid increase fertility and the success of IVF Treatment?”

Different Reasons Why Sperm Does Not Reach Egg?

The path of pregnancy is not as simple as you think. Instead, it is more complex as it is affected by age, hormones, and the health of the reproductive system, followed by several issues that create obstacles to pregnancy. However, there is no need to worry about it as the concept is relatively simple toContinue reading “Different Reasons Why Sperm Does Not Reach Egg?”

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