Why is it difficult for women with PCOS to lose weight?

PCOS is a hormonal disease that affects women during their reproductive age which in turn causes the problems of irregular periods. The symptoms of PCOS, if ignored at the initial stage may affect the ability of a woman to give birth to a child.

It is a condition when the body produces an excess level of male hormones rather than female hormones. A woman with PCOS gains weight, and there grows more hair on the face and body. Not only these, but they are also at the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. But with the help of the best gynecologist in Pune, it is possible to conquer the harmful effects of PCOS. 

Reasons why is it difficult to lose weight when suffering from PCOS

A woman with PCOS indeed tends to gain more weight and it is difficult for them to lose weight. Let’s take a look at the following reasons which make it hard for a woman to lose weight. 

Binge Eating 

Binge Eating is one of the reasons why a woman is not able to lose weight. Binge eating makes women eat more and is also a primary cause of stress. Hence, it is advisable to control your stress level. Women are more likely to go through mood swings, anxiety, or depression which increase the cravings for junk foods.

A woman needs full control over her emotions to manage their stress level and stop the habit of binge eating or cravings. 

Stress Level 

As mentioned above, stress leads to an increase in belly fat and obesity. Women with PCOS need to manage their stress level to be fit. Singing, dancing, painting, or any other recreational activity helps in reducing the stress level. 

Lack of Sleep 

A lack of sleep increases the body’s cortisol level and the hunger hormone. This series of imbalances of hormones leads to increases in the desire to eat more, ultimately leading to obesity in women. 

Thyroid Disorder

The lower thyroid level can cause weight loss or weight gain in women. The thyroid gland helps in regulating the metabolism rate of the body. With the decrease in the thyroid hormone level, the body’s metabolism rate is also affected. Thus, it leads to the gain or loss of weight in the body. 

If the problem persists, a lady needs to go for the best IVF treatment which will help them to conceive. IVF cost in Pune varies depending from one center to the other, and Crysta IVF is the most trusted fertility chain in India. Reach the team for IVF cost details. 

Symptoms of PCOS:-

The symptoms are as follows: 

  • Missed periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Abnormal growth of hair on face and body
  • Weight gain
  • Acne 
  • infertility

Prevention is better than cure!
If you see any signs of PCOS, you must go to the best gynecologist in Pune. The doctor will help you deal with PCOS issues and overcome their negative effect on the body.

Crysta IVF is the one-stop solution to your infertility issue. Moreover, it is connected with the world’s topmost fertility specialists to give you excellent infertility treatment. Connect with the expert team today and get elaborated information about fertility treatment. 


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